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De Vante, the lead producer of the singing group Jodeci and to many its main heartthrob, is leaning against a wall in the hallway of a local radio station. She walks up to him, says, "Hi, silly rabbit," gathers herself up on her toes and kisses him noisily on the lips.

A strawberry blonde turns the corner and finds herself just feet away from the 25-year-old tall, brown and handsome star. Later, De Vante describes the woman as "one of the most beautiful people I know." Her name, by the way, is Madonna. The group has not only reshaped rhythm-and-blues by fusing soulful singing with hip-hop beats; it has shaped a distinct image, as a foursome of ladies' men.

T-Boz : [shrugs] I'm not engaged anymore, and me and my ex aren't together if that's what you mean. T-Boz : I'm not dating, but I am seeing someone. Reagan : Now we all know Left Eye seems to have an I-Don't-Care attitude, but do you think what people say about her makes her sad or upset?

One time I had a man come up to me and just say "Oh, that no good Lisa Lopes will do anything for attention." and I had to put him back into order.

In the parlance of black culture, Jodeci are players: playboys and street-smart businessmen.

A player can also be called a mack or a pimp, even though he doesn't necessarily earn a living as such.

week in honor of TLC's hot new album staying #1. Oh, you two sound like you'd make a cute couple T-Boz : [laughs] well ya know! But [laughs] Lisa has him wrapped around her little finger. For starters, don't disrespect my sister like that.

Beating out Michael Jackson and Nirvana for the top 3 selling about 20,000 copies every day! Reagan : [leans forward] As we all know, Left Eye secretly tied the knot last month, how is her relationship coming along? What happened that night isn't anyone's business, so there's no need for the rude opinion.

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Reagan : [smiles] Hi T-Boz T-Boz : [smiles and nods] Hey hey hey! The songs are tight, and the first video we're making for the single we plan on releasing first, it's.. Reagan : [nodding] We're excited to see what you guys have planned! Now, I heard 2 members of your group are married, what about you? She was hurt, but no one knows that because the media seems to make it look like she's the bad guy.But Mike Zimmer says he isn't quite ready to do that.The Vikings coach addressed the situation Friday in a press conference during rookie minicamp. "It'll always be an open competition, but with the veteran guys we have, we've been doing Phase II. So, we've got a long, long way to go before we make any determinations on any of that." Minnesota picked up Murray in March during free agency.Their first two albums, "Forever My Lady" (1991) and "Diary of a Mad Band" (1993), along with several hit singles like "Lately," a remake of the Stevie Wonder song, have sold a total of six million copies.A third album, "The Show, the After Party, the Hotel," has remained in the top 10 on Billboard's album chart since its release on July 18. With De Vante spending time with Madonna, K-Ci dating the singer Mary J. Dalvin seeing the singer T-Boz of TLC, perhaps no other group has been linked to as many famously sexy woman as Jodeci. But she's constantly coming up with new dreams, so instead of a four piece puzzle, she might end up with a 100 piece. [taps pen against leg] now, as I'm sure you've heard, people have said your group member was crazy because of the fire incident. T-Boz : [thinks] Well dag, yeah they have actually.